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Archive picture (Harmony school community garden)

Archive picture (Harmony school community garden)

Ormstown Elementary School
Community Garden. Ormstown’s community garden was booming this summer! The lot was located in front of the town pool, which turned out to be a great idea, considering the amount of families using the soccer field nearby. OES’s daycare was in charge of planting all the seeds and seedlings, and the municipal day camp maintained the plants all summer long!

Franklin Elementary School
Playground changes: Franklin Elementary School has some exciting news to reveal soon… Stay tuned!

Archive picture (Pixabay)

Archive picture (Pixabay)

Community nights are back. Please note that the Haut-Saint-Laurent’s next Community Night will be held at Franklin Elementary on October 4th—a free spaghetti supper is offered!


jumpstartCVR ‘s annual “Jump Start” program was a success with 32 new grade 7 students this year.  Students spent 3 days getting to know the school facilities, meeting teachers, playing games, trying different class activities and most importantly making new friends.  Special thanks to teachers Emily Langevin, Erika Hamilton and Jeremy Cameron for making the move to high school a little easier.



Welcome Back Day Grade 7 students and their parents, as well as our Learning Center students were invited back on August 31st to a “Welcome Back” light breakfast and a time to mingle and get to know each other better.  Presentations in the auditorium from the administration team, the school nurse, the Parent Action Group and Randy Johnston from the Mediation Station, helped get the year off to a great start.  Thanks to CVR’s Parent Action Group for their kiosk encouraging new parents to join in on continuing to make CVR the great place that it is.


The “Our House” build is well underway at CVCEC.  Staff and students alike are thrilled to be part of this great school/community project.  Families can apply for a brand new home with Habitat for Humanity up until the October 31st deadline.  To receive more info and complete a pre-selection form, contact Kim Wilson at 450-288-5180 or or Anne Bergeron at 1-855-937-0643, ext:  223 or or complete a form on-line at

Chateauguay Valley CLC

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