Learning from a distance, Scientists in action and much more (Valleyfield CLC) – November

Gault Institute
BOKS has begun!
BOKS has started and many students are letting their “feat perform a feat”! Students from the older grades are taking turns being the daily trainers, allowing them to practice leadership skills, teamwork and project planning. Active kids = Active Minds

Learning from a Distance
(October 20th) Mrs. Brisson’s Grade 5 class participated in their first videoconference of the year. The class visited the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, Texas via our VC system. Many schools from all over North America tuned in for the activity on National Writing Day; and Gault was one of the three schools that were able to actually participate in the program and interact with the museum. They shared their creative thoughts and writings on famous, historical art pieces. It was a great learning experience.

Gault’s Scientists
A program brought to the school by Mad Science and NASA started last month and will run for 6-weeks. The students get to learn about a new science subject each class and make little science projects.

snack-artSnack Art 
The first snack art activity took place this month at lunch hour. Students learned about the health and nutritional benefits of certain fruits and vegetables, made a ‘craft’ out of their food, and then got to eat it. Sticking to the Halloween spisnack-art1rit we made pumpkins out of clementines and celery and ghosts out of bananas. A big thank you to Jardins Nitro for supplying us with our fresh and healthy food.

Books, Books and more Books!
Librairie le Bouquin D’Occasion in Chateauguay helped our Grade 2 and 3 classes fill their classroom library by giving our school 300 books! When the community and the school work together in partnership, it is the students who benefit from the results. Our Grade 2 and 3 classes can now dive into a vast variety of stories in their classrooms.

halloween_gaultHalloween Fun
This year, instead of individual costumes, the entire school participated in a Harry Potter / Witches and Wizards theme day. The staff wore cloaks, principal Mr. Brindle dressed up as Dumbledore, and the students were separated into the four Hogwarts houses; Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryfindor or Slytherin. The Centre Partage donated enough material for each student to have his or her assigned group’s coloured scarf. The day was filled with pumpkin painting, Halloween crafts, Harry potter Bingo and games such as Quidditch and letter tossing the gym.

Leaders amongst us
The students of the NFSB Student Coalition met for the first time this year on October 21st. Student Coalition is a group of students from every NFSB School that meets 5 times a year to discuss ways of making their school better. There were 47 students and 12 teacher advisors present for the first meeting. Grades 5 and 6 students from the 10 elementary schools, 13 C.V.R students and 14 H.S.B students in grades 7-11 make up this Student Coalition group.

The day was filled with activities, team building and students hard at work on an initiative or goal they want to achieve at their school this year. Time was given for the students and teachers to learn what their role as a member of Student Coalition will be, as well as how they will communicate with the members of their school. The next Student Coalition meeting is in November. Stay tuned to hear more about the amazing ideas this leadership group has for the 2016-2017

The Community Learning Concepts (CLC) approach is the creation and promotion of partnerships which provide a range of services and activities, during and after the school day, to help meet the needs of our learners, their families and the wider community. The aim is to support the holistic development of our students, families and communities.

The CLC monthly news & notes report showcases a small sample of a few of the great initiatives and happenings from our schools! Be sure to check out the website for more info at: clc.nfsb.qc.ca

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