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Ormstown Elementary
A wonderful connection
On Halloween day, students from Grade 2 visited Résidence Ormstown, a seniors’ residence located a few blocks from the school. Students sang a few songs, and were then paired up with a resident to play a Halloween-themed bingo. The activity was much appreciated by the seniors with an invitation extended to the students to return before the holidays.

Scare to carefranklin_outdoor_classroom
During the last two weeks of October, Grade 4 students organized a We SCARE Hunger food drive for their school. A community partner, La Bouffe Additionnelle, came to visit their classroom to talk about their non-profit organization and to discuss why food banks are important in our region. The food collected in this effort will be put towards the annual Christmas baskets that support our OES families in need.

Franklin Elementary
The Great Outdoors!
It’s official; Franklin Elementary is starting an outdoor classroom! The launch happened on Saturday, October 29th, and the schoolyard was filled with community members! The event included a short introduction to the project, followed by some great musicians, a sorceress who shared Halloween stories for kids, food and hot cider.feuillet-saint-chrysostome-6-dec-2016-01

Soirée Communau-T Haut-Saint-Laurent Communi-T Nights
Franklin Elementary hosted the first of four community nights on October 4th 2016. With over 25 community organizations present and more than 50 visitors. The event created a location for families, community members and local services all to come together in a non-threatening environment to socialize, share information and services. The next event will be held at École Montpetit in St-Chrysostome on December 6th from 16h30-19h00.

Howick Elementaryhowick-art-classes-1
Artists at work!
Students from Grade 1, 2 and 3 are buzzing with excitement during Alyson Champs’ afterschool art classes! During this workshop, they were inspiring themselves from Henri Matisse’s art style.

hemmingford-walkHemmingford Elementary
Pumpkins, owls & falcons
(October 28th) Students went to Parc Safari to see the pumpkin display, as they had already decorated their own pumpkin for the exhibition. They also watched a birds of prey presentation, including a great horned owl and a peregrine falcon. Afterwards, everyone went for a nature walk at Parc Régional St-Bernard.

Soccer Squad
Students practiced fiercely for two months preparing for the 2nd annual AEAA soccer tournament. HAECC showed up with heart and determination and came away with a big win! The students are already preparing and scouting for the next AEAA sporting event! Check out NFSB.ME for the full article.

Spooky Halloween @ HAECChalloween-at-haecc
(October 31st) was a busy day at the center for staff and students, the day was filled with traditional Halloween activities! Students participated in a pumpkin-carving contest, costume contest, took pictures in a photo booth and had the chance to play some spooky Halloween games. The games in the gym were run by the SVIS and Options class creating fun little challenges and games for all HAECC students. Thank you to all the staff members for the hard work and dedication to make the day successful and fun for all!

Artists in the makingart-class
Pat Walsh’s art class has started up again for an intense 8-weeks of sketching, drawing and painting. Returning students along with a few new faces, confirms the ladies are dedicated and devoted to learning and perfecting their artistic skills once again.

Community Garden
Grade 5 students headed out to the garden to do the fall clean up and prepare for winter. Students were amazed with all the vegetables they found in the garden and how the old vegetables can be used for compost in the garden boxes over the winter. The students are so excited to start their plants this winter and plan the garden for next spring!

Fall Fair
The school hosted their annual fall fair on October 22nd as a school fundraiser. Over 50 different vendors from the Chateauguay Valley and Montreal area set up for the day selling every product possible. The school parent committee will use this money to go back into the school for student activities.

CVR High Schoolcvr_collage_openhouse
Close to 500 visitors attended this year’s CVR Open House
Students and staff pulled it off once again with an amazing display of the school’s academic, artistic, and musical student successes. Parents and community toured classroom exhibits and throughout their quest received tickets that were handed in for a chance to win a raffle prize. Thanks to the many local businesses that supported us with prizes. CVR’s Parent Action Group Café was in the library serving hot coffee and goodies inviting parents to become involved with the already approximately 60 parents who make up this amazing group that supports student success through fundraising events.
Avid readers of all ages were excited to visit our Scholastic Book Fair in the cafeteria. It was an opportunity to add to their own personal collections as well as ideas for great Christmas gifts.
Our International students were proud to present `a taste of home` inviting visitors to try some of their local recipes while entertaining guests musically with a Chinese instrument called the Pipa.
The evening ended with a sneak preview of this year`s performing arts show, “The Lion King” which have many waiting in anticipation for the big event.

Job Searchcarrefour-jeunesse-huntingon-visit
Finding part-time jobs is not always easy but thanks to Carrefour Jeunesse Huntingdon, students in Ms. Filiatrault’s Grade 10 English classes were offered tips and advice on producing a proper Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter. Now they are ready for the next step.

target-your-future-secretarial-accounting-group-photoBook / Movie Club
Middle school students are reading “Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. They meet together each Wednesday after school to read and discuss the book. When the book is done, a “Movie Night” is planned where students will soon find out how much better a “Book” is than the movie.

Target Your Future!
Students received three visits pertaining to NFSB trades; Carpentry & Nursing programs at CVCEC in Ormstown and Secretarial Studies/Accounting offered at NOVA in Chateauguay. Students are learning what education prerequisites are required to apply for these trades, what is covered in the program as well as what their options will be upon graduating from these trade programs. New doors are being opened with each visit!

VC with Local Farmers
Our first videoconference talk from the Quebec Farmers Association: “Business Risk Management and Growing Forward III” took place on Thursday, October 27th.

Halloween @ CVCEC
You are never too old for Halloween! The proof is in the picture, as nursing students and staff dressed up for the occasion.

Leaders amongst us
The students of the NFSB Student Coalition met for the first time this year on October 21st. Student Coalition is a group of students from every NFSB School that meets 5 times a year to discuss ways of making their school better. There were 47 students and 12 teacher advisors present for the first meeting. Grades 5 and 6 students from the 10 elementary schools, 13 C.V.R students and 14 H.S.B students in grades 7-11 make up this Student Coalition group.

The day was filled with activities, team building and students hard at work on an initiative or goal they want to achieve at their school this year. Time was given for the students and teachers to learn what their role as a member of Student Coalition will be, as well as how they will communicate with the members of their school. The next Student Coalition meeting is in November. Stay tuned to hear more about the amazing ideas this leadership group has for the 2016-2017

The Community Learning Concepts (CLC) approach is the creation and promotion of partnerships which provide a range of services and activities, during and after the school day, to help meet the needs of our learners, their families and the wider community. The aim is to support the holistic development of our students, families and communities.

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