WE Day, target your future, need a shave and much more. (Chateauguay Valley CLC) – December

hes-chiropractorChateauguay Valley CLC – news and notes
Hemmingford Elementary
Body works
(November 23rd) A local chiropractor came to visit Cycle 3. He taught students about the relationship between the nervous system and the spine, as well as the importance of good posture. Students were thrilled by the lesson and really enjoyed the classroom visit. They asked many thought-proving questions!

To infinity and beyondhemmingford_leaves-changing-colours
NASA and Mad Science have partnered to promote science education. At Hemmingford, students who participated in the workshops had the opportunity to learn about space, and even build their own rocket!

Colourful experience
The Grade 5/6 class performed a fun experiment on leaves. Next time you see one of their students, ask them why leaves change colours in the fall!

fes-snowmenFranklin Elementary
Fun in the snow
The snow is here, which makes recess time so much more exciting for elementary students! Students wasted no time in creating snowmen, and using their playground’s hills to descend by toboggan.

Reality “leaves” a lot to the imagination
Students from Ms. Martin’s class had fun making art with the last of the fall leaves. They took leaves and had to creatively make something else out of them. For example: some students made animals, kites, and balloons.
Hooray for Fay!
Students have been benefiting from their amazing volunteer, Fay Craig. Her presence on Wednesdays not only motivates the students, but also helps them improve their athletic abilities.

Students taking action!
The student coalition at Franklin has been very proactive this month! Two students went from class to class, asking their peers how they can improve certain aspects of the school. The feedback was very positive, and they are excited to refine recess and play time.oes-remembrance-day

Ormstown Elementary School
OES Remembers
(November 10th) We held a Remembrance Day ceremony. The gym was beautifully decorated in honour of our Canadian soldiers. Everyone, without exception, wore a poppy on their chest. Parents, extended family and special guests were invited to this annual event. Students from Cycle 3 read heartfelt poems, an actual letter home from a Canadian soldier, and the Grade 3 through 6 choir performed some very moving songs.

We can make soap!
Students from Funland daycare were lucky enough to do a soap-making workshop with their local handicraft store, Serenplicity! They created bright soaps, with handmade tags and gave them all fun names, like “Rainbow Star,” or “Soapy Colours.”

Cheese Please!oes-cheese-making
We have cheese connoisseurs in the making! Grade 4 students were treated to a cheese making lesson from Emily Mason, a McGill student and OES alumni. The students shared different tasks such as bringing whole milk to a boil, squeezing lemons, extracting excess liquid out of the cheesecloth, and pressing the curds. After 2 hours, they tasted their freshly made cheese! Wow! So that’s how cheese is made!oes_i-love-to-read-week

Reading is what we do!
We had an “I Love to Read” week during the last week of November which featured guest storytellers, buddy reading, new books for all students and a Scholastic Book Fair. We love seeing our older students read with our younger readers!

Howick Elementary
Crafters unite!
The craft fair was a huge success! The institution has been hosting this tradition for 37 years now. Their decorative hallways transformed into a festive atmosphere, filled with local artisans, and handcrafted goods. The event was entirely run by volunteers. There was something to peak everyone’s interests!howick_art_2016

Mme. Debellefeuille’s class worked on an art project with leaves sealed in wax paper, and shredded wax crayon. Students then displayed their artwork in the classroom windows for the Howick community to see!

Heritage Elementary
Remembrance Daylestweforget
(November 11th) The entire school all came together in remembrance and gratitude for those who offered their lives in service for our country. The staff and students put together a beautiful service encompassing singing, poems and readings for the school and veterans in attendance.

Lest We Forgetecumenical-service
(November 13th) On Sunday, the community of Huntingdon hosted their annual Remembrance Day celebration at Heritage Elementary. The community gathered at the school for the service and finished off by the laying of the wreath in the park across from the school. It was a beautiful collaborated event in order to remember those who serve and protected our country.

CVR High Schoolcvr-remembers
Remembrance Day
(November 11th) Staff and students took time throughout the day to reflect and remember. Former war veterans were invited to participate in ceremonies which included a minute of silence, beautiful songs from the choir, poem readings and a special talk from guest speaker Warrant Officer Neil McElligott. He spoke about past conflicts, the participants in these conflicts, the overall statistics of each one as well as included what is going on in our lives today. Students left with a deeper sense of why we celebrate this day and the importance of passing this tradition on in the future.

target-your-future-interior-designmechanics-welding-trade-visit-target-yourt-futureTarget Your Future… the next step
Welding and Auto Mechanics were the final trades to visit for CVR’s Grade 10 ‘Target Your Future’ class. Students were interested and intrigued by yet another vocational career choice available to them. The next step is to reflect on all the different trades that were presented and to choose one that they would like to attend for the day. The ‘Student for a Day’ program enables students an opportunity to visit one of our NFSB career centers and experience the life in a day of a tradesman/woman in that particular field.

Yoga time!
Our Adult Education Healthy Living class will be doing four-weeks of Yoga classes with a certified instructor. The instructor is helping the students learn efficient breathing and relaxation skills which help the students with their daily life challengepartners-for-lifes. Megan is a local instructor who offered evening community classes at our Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Spotting signs of depression
(November 2nd) Partners for Life organisation gave a presentation to students and staff. The presentation was meant to help young people over the age of 14 recognize the signs and symptoms of depression and how to refer someone in need, to the appropriate resources.

clothsswapClothing Swap

The staff and students hosted their annual clothing swap the week during mid-November. Since September the staff and students have been collecting clothing, with the goal of students being able to donate and swap based on their swap needs. The event was a great success and everyone went home with new clothing for the Christmas holidays.

Vintage Vibes Art Exhibitartehxibit
Students in the Options’ art class attended the art exhibit “Vintage Vibes” at the Alfred Langevin Culture Hall in Huntingdon. The exhibition was put on by a local artist from the Chateauguay Valley that paints architectural landscape and re-creates old local signs using acrylic paint on canvas. The student’s enjoyed the experience so much we have invited the artist to come and speak to the class about her artistic experience.

Croques Livres
The 13 Croques Livres are completed thanks to the work of community volunteers and CVCEC teacher John Hodges. Participants are proud of their hard work. The next step is to paint the library boxes which will be overseen by community partner, Une Affaire de Famille, before they are delivered to their new homes.

Health Care students are busy!
Muffins, brownies, fudge, cinnamon buns and so much more, were for the taking at Health Care’s bake sale at the Centre. This is one of many great fundraisers that will be taking place to raise funds for this year’s trip to the Dominican Republic.

Need a shave?shave-clinic-2
As part of the Health Care program, volunteers were invited to CVCEC’s Shaving Clinic to receive a FREE shave/trim from our health care students. After some time practicing on balloons, it was a great opportunity to practice on a real person. Thanks to all the brave souls for donating their time and faces. Congrats to the students for the close shaves and no cuts!

New Frontierswe-day_2016
NFSB Students part of the WE Movement
(November 9th) NFSB was very well represented at the 2016 National WE Day in Ottawa. With over 20,000 people in attendance, 250 NFSB students were representing our schools. Each school united their students by wearing matching tops – they stood proud as individuals united at the same time. Serena Ryder and Hedley gave wonderful performances and got our students moving. Justin Trudreau, Paula Abdul, Mike Downie and Rick Hansen gave awe-inspiring speeches which left our students feeling empowered and motivated to make real change!

Health Booklet & Fair a hit!health_fair_2016_arc
Our community partners at ARC (Assistance & Referral Centre), MWCN (Montérégie West Community Network) and CISSS-MO (Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de la Montérégie-Ouest) supplied all our schools, centres and their families with Health Passports (bilingual health terminologies) & Access Health Information Booklet (list of south-shore resources and contact info). In addition, the 3rd Annual ARC Health Promotion Fair, was held in late October (in Brossard) with over 35 health and social service information kiosks on-site informing citizens about bilingual health and social services available for them. CVCEC (Health Care team) and our Continuing Education Department played a role once again offering a mini-CPR training to arc_booklet_partnership_clc_2016_fotor-copyparticipants and informing the public about courses available to them and their families. There were multiple workshops throughout the day and keynote speaker, “laughologist”, Albert Nerenberg, exemplifyied the power of laughter and left participants with a smile on their face and useful info in their pockets.

The Community Learning Centre (CLC) approach is the creation and promotion of partnerships which provide a range of services and activities, during and after the school day, to help meet the needs of our learners, their families and the wider community. The aim is to support the holistic development of our students, families and communities.

The CLC monthly news & notes report showcases a small sample of a few of the great initiatives and happenings from our schools! Be sure to check out the website for more info at: clc.nfsb.qc.ca

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