100 days of School, Snack Art & Charity Basketball (Valleyfield CLC ) – March 2017

Valleyfield CLC—News & Notes
Gault Institute

Snack Art
To help with healthy food awareness, Gault students built a scooter this month out of bananas, cucumbers and pretzels. They also learnt that bananas contain lots of fiber and that cucumbers are 96% water!

Gault English Courses
Community English Courses started up this month! Community members gather on Wednesday evenings to learn and improve their English conversation. With many returning participants, everyone was excited to see other returnees and have the opportunity to continue improving their English skills!

 Gault Cares Con’t
Many students stepped up and took the pledge to raise money and donate 8 inches of hair or shave their head in June 2017 for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. Keep it up Gault, together we can make a difference!

NFSB Basketball tournament
Gault sent two teams to CVR to compete in the annual charity basketball tournament.  Both teams got a chance to play six games each and enjoyed the   experience of friendly competition!

Gault’s 100th Day of School!
Students and staff celebrated 100 days of school by turning themselves into 100 year old! The day was full of many activities that the students had a chance to forecast where they might be in 100 years.

                 New Frontiers School Board takes on Bullying!
Schools across the board took part in the Anti bulling camping by wearing a Pink T-Shirt on February 22nd. Pink Shirt Day is a day that promotes individuality and the acceptance of others.  Each school did something different to support the initiative from wearing pink on the 22nd to OES creating their own shirts; Hemmingford having a student led assembly, Gault showering each other in compliments and hugs and many other great activities!

The Community Learning Centre (CLC) approach is the creation and promotion of partnerships which provide a range of services and activities, during and after the school day, to help meet the needs of our learners, their families and the wider community. The aim is to support the holistic development of our students, families and communities.

The CLC monthly news & notes report showcases a small sample of a few of the great initiatives and happenings from our schools! Be sure to check out the website for more info at: clc.nfsb.qc.ca

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