Virtual field trips, Contest winner & Bus Safety! (Chateauguay CLC) – March 2017

Chateauguay CLC – News & Notes
Bus Safety
Bus Safety assemblies were fun and informative! Students received prizes for knowing the bus rules, having good behaviour on the bus, and a drawing contest! Congratulations to all of our winners! A big THANK YOU to Tigger and JoAnn Wilkie!
Community Wednesday…The Heart of the Community
École Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Chateauguay opened their doors to several community members on February 1st. Families, community members and youth filled the gym and visited kiosks over the course of the evening. A $2.00 Spaghetti supper and free babysitting by La Station de l’Aventure and Educazoo was onsite with all of their incredible reptiles and animals.

Partners working together for the community!
A huge thank you to CPS parent Gordon Johnston and to Saint Andrew’s United Church as a large shipment of breakfast foods and other non-perishable items was donated to Gault Institute, Centennial Park School, St. Willibrord Elementary and Howard S. Billings High School for their breakfast programs. In addition, numerous other local food banks and community groups in the Chateauguay and Kahnawake areas also benefitted from this amazing donation.

Howard S. Billings
Coffee Talk with the Principal
February 3 from 7:30am-8:30am in conjunction with community learning concepts, Brian Seltmann opened his school doors and invited parents to stop in, grab a coffee and ask some questions before going on with their busy day.

Entrepreneurship Day
A big THANK YOU to Mr.Tom Muirhead for leading an amazing full day activity on entrepreneurship. Grade 6 students learnt how to build a business plan by creating marketing strategies, slogans, logos, a catchy jingle and a commercial!  Thank you to the Grade 11 class at Billings for all their help and inspiration.

St. Willibrord
Science Rocks!
In Science, Grade 5 students created ramps to demonstrate their understanding of movement. They used appropriate terminology to explain what was happening to their marbles as they moved down the ramp: kinetic and potential energies, inertia and friction, as well as naming the movements themselves. A big thank you to Mme. Pasinato for such a fun learning experience, en français! Bravo!

Our House!
Our very own St. Willibrord family Chase and his Mom will be moving to Ormstown, they were selected by Habitat for Humanity to own a home. The carpentry program at CVCEC, along with community partners, built the house and have now given over the keys to Habitat for Humanity.  So more details on the project visit:

Friday Fun!
Grade 2 students were treated to an afternoon of playing games at school! A big thank you to the parent volunteers who helped organized and supervised the fun!

Genworth Canada’s meaning of Home contest
In the fall, grade six students participated in Habitat for Humanity and Genworth Canada’s Meaning of Home/Le sens d’un chez soi writing contest. The results are in and with over 10,000 entries, Mme Prégent is proud to announce that their very own Ashley Sauvé won third place along with 18 other students from across Canada!! Great job Ashley!

Mary Gardner
Students design 3D models
Grade 3 students learnt about Algonquin and Iroquois villages in class. They were given the opportunity to build 3D models that represented Algonquin and Iroquois villages and then displayed in the school for everyone to observe and learn.

Visiting the International Wolf Center
309 and 311 visited via videoconferencing the International Wolf Center in Minnesota. Students had the opportunity to meet the grey wolves Aidan & Denali, learn about wolf pups and saw a live feed into an enclosure.

 Visiting Ghana through videoconferencing
Ms.Gonzalez took the grade 6 students to Ghana Africa through the videoconferencing system. Students had the opportunity to learn about the history, the differences between Ghana and Canada and had the chance to speak with students from Ghana to discuss the culture differences. It was an enriching educational experience for the students. Check out our Facebook page to see the video of the experience.
Centennial Park
Water Weight Play
Students got a special treat from their Parent Participation Committee to watch the Geordie Production play “Water Weight”.  Thank you to the Parent Participation Committee for making this happen!

New Frontiers School Board takes on Bullying!
Schools across the board took part in the Anti bulling camping by wearing a Pink T-Shirt on February 22nd. Pink Shirt Day is a day that promotes individuality and the acceptance of others.  Each school did something different to support the initiative from wearing pink on the 22nd to OES creating their own shirts; Hemmingford having a student led assembly, Gault showering each other in compliments and hugs and many other great activities!



The Community Learning Centre (CLC) approach is the creation and promotion of partnerships which provide a range of services and activities, during and after the school day, to help meet the needs of our learners, their families and the wider community. The aim is to support the holistic development of our students, families and communities.

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