Solar System, Library Fundraiser and Career Fair Exploration (Valleyfield CLC) – April 2017

Valleyfield CLC—News & Notes
Gault’s Croque Livres
Literacy month kicked off with the addition of Croque Livres “Give a book, Take a book” initiative. The school placed mini library boxes throughout the halls with books of all reading levels. The stations are free flow self-regulated for students to take and give as they wish. We would like to thank the Chateauguay Municipal Library for the book donations that allowed us to start this initiative.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles from Texas
Kindergartens virtually visited the Texas State Aquarium by our video conference system this month and learned about loggerhead sea turtles. Together they read a story, saw real live sea turtles, and asked many great questions!

Snack Art
This month our cycles one and two made leprechauns with their food! Students used the bread to make the face, shredded carrots as hair and beards, and green grapes for hats. Of course, a leprechaun is not complete without his pot of gold; so we used cut up bananas to represent the gold. Thank you to our community partner Jardins Nitro for supplying all the fruits and vegetables                                                                           needed to make this month a yummy success.

Our Solar System and Life Long Learning
Mrs. Brisson’s Grade 5 class taught the whole school about our solar system through interactive kiosks and presentations.  Students and parents also got the chance to come, participate and learn about the different planets that surround earth. Our Grade 5 class loved being able to teach their parents. Way to go Grade 5!

Gault 2017 Career Fair
On March 16th we hosted our annual Career Fair with over 20 different careers present! It was an amazing opportunity and privilege for the students to experience and learn about different careers. Gault would like to thank all the community members and partners who took time out of their day to educate our students, the day would have not been possible without them!

Library Fundraiser:
Our Parent Participation Organization Committee raised 10,000$ to go towards our library by running a mega raffle. Congratulations to all the winners, the PPO, and students who worked hard at selling tickets.

CLC Partners offer new courses!
France FX Dance and Escrime Roussillion, offer dance & fencing courses at a low cost for our students. Partnerships like this give our students many great opportunities that our families can afford.

Library Transformation
The library has been going under a decorative transformation over the last few weeks! Students have painted the shelves, word art has been stuck on the walls and decorations hung from the ceilings. None of this would be possible without the dedicated long hours from our volunteers, a big thank you to Émilie Contoir and Panagiota (Penny) Karabinis for all                                                                               your hard work!

New Frontiers School Board CLC – News & Notes
Community Conversation
On March 22, the Centre intégré de santé et services sociaux (CISSS) de la Montérégie-Ouest held its very first consultation on access to health and social services for the English speaking population. With over fifty different organisations present it was an opportunity to discuss good practices, network and update the next access program plan for health and social services (CISSS-MO). Thank you to all the organisations who helped make the event possible, CISSS-MO (Centre Intégré de santé et service social de la Montérégie Ouest), ARC (Assistance and Referral Centre), NFSB (New Frontiers School Board), MWCN (Montérégie West Community Network).


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