EarthPlay, Volunteer Week, Money Talk and so much more! (Valleyfield CLC) – May 2017

Valleyfield CLC—News & Notes — 

Jiu Jitsu
Our community partner, Gordon Byrd who teaches Jui Jitsu organised a special ceremony to celebrate the student’s graduation from their white belt, to yellow belt. Parents were invited to join their children for the training session and see what it’s like to participate in a class. It was an excellent way to create a bond between the kids and their parents!

The whole school participated in EarthPlay, an initiative from Earth Day Canada and OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) program. The goal is to get kids outside, encourage meaningful connection to their environment and promote health and well-being. Thank you to our community partners who made this activity possible: Sinray Furniture,  Brisson Centre de Jardins, and to the teachers who brought in materials.

National Volunteer Week: Gault appreciates!
Gault held a special event to appreciate all of it’s dedicated volunteers in the school. Our volunteers make many of Gault’s activities and programs possible. THANK YOU!


Grade 3 and 6 got to participate in a special Breakout activity to help develop day to day skills. The classes were divided up into small groups, and  given 45 minutes to unlock a challenge using clues and hints. It was a great way to develop team work and trust under a high pressure situation. A big thank you to Shelly McDonagh from the New Frontiers School Board.

Talk With Our Kids About Money
Grade 6 had the opportunity to learn and talk about money through our video conferencing (VC) system. The conference was offered by TWOKAM, Gault joined three other schools from the province to learn about the difference between, credit vs debit cards, a loan vs a bursary, and much more. Thanks to Mrs. Lemes for participating in this great alternative learning experience!

5 @ 7 Communautaire
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield held their last community evening for this school year on April 27. The event included  a spaghetti dinner, games and kiosks of local services. It was another great success with more than 145 people present.

Understanding the Reconciliation
Grades 4, 5 & 6 had the privilege of participating in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to help educate our students on the history of Canada from an Indigenous perspective. Kindergartens, Grade 1 and Grade 2 were read indigenous stories and participated in an interactive activity. It was an eye-opening day! A big thank you to Ms. Kylie Simard and her students from Howards S. Billings High School who spent the day educating us!

Community Grant= Food Science Fair!
Gault received $1000 from the Metro Green Apple Grant! This money allows the Grade 4 and 6 students to participate in a nutritious food science fair! The students will educate their peers on the importance of eating healthy through their science projects.

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