Virtual Learning, Grand March and so much more! (Chateauguay CLC) – June 2017

Chateauguay CLC News & Events —

Community Wednesday…The Heart of the Community
L’école Gerain-Lajoie opened their doors to many community members on May 1. The evening included community organizations showcasing their services, student performances, face painting, parent child cooking classes, a juggling show and free babysitting by la Station de l’Aventure! The event was a success serving 275 Spaghetti dinners! Great work everyone, see you next year!

Buddy’s 2nd Annual Celebrity Scooper Challenge
All four Chateauguay elementary schools participated in the Buddy’s ice cream scooper challenge during the month of May. The school that served the most costumers, won ice cream for their last day of school celebration. Congratulations Centennial Park School for winning the 2nd Annual Celebrity Scooper Challenge.

Mary Gardner
Virtual Learning about Volcanoes 
Grade 3/4 visited the volcanoes in Guatamala via the Video Conference System (VC). The students learnt that since the last eruption, which was 7 years ago, that they can still roast marshmallows on the hot ashes!

Learning about Japanese Culture 
Grade 4 students skyped M. Gagnon’s friend Patrick in Japan last month. They learnt about the Japanese culture, his family, and his decision to move to Japan.

Howard S. Billings High School 

Billings has had a busy month with many activities going on in the school and community. Grade 11 IB program have been preparing their legacy projects to decorate the windows around the school.

Breakfast Club Success
The Breakfast club special end of year pancake breakfast was a huge success, thank you to the volunteers who helped feed our students hungry bellies every morning throughout the year!

Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser
Students participated in an activity related to clean water and plumbing issues, which face residents of Brazil’s favela’s during the first ever May the 4th Walk-a-thon. 200 Students and teachers walked 11 km and raised $2156 to help children around the world.

Option Etudes celebrated their 10th year of success!


A beautiful totem pole was created by Ms. Quagliotto’s Grade 11 class during the spring spotlight on the arts which was held May 18.


Congratulations to Ms. Simards class who won the CBC Reads contest and got a full class set of the novel Birdie.

The Class of 2017’s Grand March

Another year of success for our Billings Blazers! Congratulations to the top male & female athletes!

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