Sunny Snack Art, Poetry Slam, Free Books and more! (Valleyfield CLC) – June 2017

Valleyfield CLC—News & Notes 

Outstanding Citizen Award
Two of Gault’s students were rewarded with the New Frontiers School Board Outstanding Citizenship Award; Katarina Karabinis-Guy and Rebecca Bernard. Congratulations ladies on proudly representing Gault and for being kind, helpful and caring citizens.

Snack Art
The rainy month of May inspired our students to make suns out of their snacks! Students used an orange for the sun, grapes for its eyes, strawberries for the nose, and cheerios for the sun rays.  A big thank you to Jardins Nitro for supplying the school with all the fruits and vegetables needed for our snack Art activities!

Projet Entraidants
Gault’s Grades 4, 5, & 6 participated in the Mega Fête: ‘’Projet Entraidants’’.  The day was a reward for students and schools who participated in their yearlong initiative of an act of kindness. To be able to participate, each student had to accomplish at least 1 act of helping someone else throughout the school year. Congratulations to all those involved!

Literacy Foundation Words of Hope
Words of Hope, donated a brand-new book to every student in Grades 1 to 4. We would like to thank the organization for supporting the gift of reading, our students were ecstatic to be able to take the books home!

Poetry Slam
Since April, it has been raining poetry at Gault; every student in the school wrote a poem and then each class nominated their favourite to compete in a school wide Poetry Slam. Thank you to Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Brisson for organizing this creative and educational event!