CLC Partner Spotlight – Montérégie West Community Network

The Montérégie West Community Network (MWCN) is a non-for-profit organization with a vision to “To develop a strong and vibrant English-speaking community in the Montérégie West”. MWCN is a key partner of the New Frontiers School Board, offering programs and activities in the region to support our communities. The partnership we have developed with MWCN helps support student success, mental health, community engagement and so much more!

This year, with the support from the MWCN and funding from Heritage Canada, our schools are benefiting from a variety of different innovative projects. In the Chateauguay area, Nova Career Centre will be offering a community computer literacy program, Mary Gardner is creating a graphic novel project, Harmony Elementary is developing an intergenerational history project and St. Willibrord school is running a JOY (intergenerational) project.

This incredible partnership with the MWCN has helped support our schools and introduce them to new exciting projects while connecting the students with seniors. By developing this partnership with the MWCN it has helped students create friendships with local community members, support student success and create meaningful connections between school and community!

Thank you MWCN for all that you are doing in supporting our student success and community vitality!