Our Team

Our vast territory is split up into three CLC regions, each with its own point person who helps with; coordinating services, activities, programs & partnerships. Fun, enthusiastic and there for their schools, our families and the greater community… here they are. Don’t be shy to contact them.

Châteauguay CLC (Roussillon)
Centennial Park School, Harmony Elementary, Mary Gardner School, St. Willibrord School, Howard S. Billings High School, Nova Career Centre
Anthony Spadaccino: aspadaccino@nfsb.qc.ca – 450-691-1440 ext: 220

Valleyfield CLC (Beauharnois-Salaberry/Suroit)
Gault Institute
Brooke Wilson: bwilson@nfsb.qc.ca – 450-373-6922

Chateauguay Valley CLC (Haut-Saint-Laurent)
Chateauguay Valley Regional High School (CVR)Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC)
Kaylie Stuckey: kstuckey@nfsb.qc.ca – 450-829-2381 ext: 245

Chateauguay Valley CLC (Haut-Saint-Laurent)
Heritage Elementary, Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre (HAECC)
Ève-Laurence Miron – emiron@nfsb.qc.ca –  450-264-9276

Chateauguay Valley CLC (Haut-Saint-Laurent)
Franklin Elementary, Hemmingford Elementary, Howick Elementary, Ormstown Elementary
Heidi Niven: hniven@nfsb.qc.ca – 450-374-7273

Development Officer (Montérégie-Ouest)
Jayme McClintock: jmcclintock@nfsb.qc.ca – 450-691-1440 ext: 345 / 450-601-3608